About Momenta Group

Momenta Group is a communications company founded in 2008 by John Christopher Anderson and Seth Butler. Working separately or in tandem with our Creative, Workshops and Consulting branches, Momenta is able to offer a broad range of communications solutions for your business needs. As business storefronts change from bricks and mortar to pixels, we at Momenta strive to keep your communications products fresh, innovative and exciting. We seek to find affordable solutions with some of the best creative service professionals in the country.

From exciting visual and design products to customized business development strategies, we have it all under the Momenta umbrella. We strive to elevate and support individuals and businesses, large and small, around the world with quality communications products for a digital age.

If you’ve got a project or even just a concept, we can help you grow that idea into a successful campaign with an eye towards increased sales, client retention and company growth. To talk about what Momenta can do for your business, please contact our staff at info@momentaworkshops.com or 202.688.1449.